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Through Animal's Eyes:True Stories from a Wildlife Sanctuary

Through Animal's Eyes:True Stories from a Wildlife Sanctuary
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Heartwarming tales of rescued creaturs are presented in this collection of vignettes from a large wildlife rehabilitation center in Texas. Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation (WRR) provides sanctuary for orphaned, injured, or displaced wildlife, rehabilitating them for eventual release- or providing them with permanent care in large natural habitats if they are deemed nonreleasable.
 WWR also gives permanent care in to exotic wild animals that have suffered from the pet trade, roadside zoos, or research facilities. 
From the raccoon with burned feet who perseveres to survive, to an abandoned emu who makes friends with a one-winged vulture in a game of pick-up sticks, these tales put one in the skin, fur, or feathers of the creatures who have paid the price of man's expansion. 
Through Animal's Eyes is strongly recommended for all animal lovers.
168 pages Paperback