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Practical Wildlife Care Second Edition by Les Stocker

Practical Wildlife Care Second Edition by Les Stocker
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In recent years, the care of wildlife casualties and orphans has become accepted as the norm, whereas before euthanasia was the recommended option. The care of injured wildlife brought into veterinary practices is often inadequate due to lack of knowledge. Wildlife casualties present an enormous range of species and conditions not normally seen in veterinary practice.

This book describes how to handle and provide first aid, how to feed and release, and many other disciplines not featured in veterinary or nursing training. It lays out in a clear and simple fashion the support services that the veterinary nurse or rehabilitator can provide to assist the veterinary surgeon. The more common diseases where prophylactic treatments can easily be directed by a veterinary surgeon are included, as well as simple stabilisation techniques that can often be adopted to prevent pain and suffering and provide a long-term treatment of choice.

Size: 352 pages
7 x 10 Binding: Paperback