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Wodent Wheels

Wodent Wheels
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Safety Wodent Wheels The only exercise wheel recommended and approved by the ASPCA! 
A unique wheel design with a safe, more natural running surface and a support stand that does not have dangerous pinch areas. Rodents are attracted to the wheel's entry holes, which also offer a really nifty effect when watching them run. Hamsters avoid broken legs and strangulation. Even rats love wheels if they don't get their feet hurt and their tails whacked by unsafe axle supports. The solid rear wall also makes rodents, who are natural “wall-huggers,” feel safer as they run. 
Not recommended for plastic chewers like gerbils, chinchillas and most degus, since your wheel may be chomped into pieces fairly quickly. (Unless you want to replace the wheels often...) 
Easily disassembled for cleaning and constructed of tough, safe plastic with a stable base of heavy-gauge painted steel. 
Much safer and quieter than conventional wire exercise wheels, and have a clean, simple design using recycled and recyclable plastics. 
Available in Three sizes: 
Wodent Wheel Jr . 8" diameter, 2.6" wide, 2.1" entry holes. Overall height 9.1". Best for hamsters, small sugar gliders and larger mice 
Wodent Wheel Sr.. 11" diameter, 3.5" wide, 2.6" “mouse-hole shaped” entry holes. Overall height 12.3". Best for lady rats, squirrels, sugar gliders, Syrian or other large hamsters and small hedgies. 
Wobust Wodent Wheel. 12" diameter, 5.3" wide, 3.6" “mouse-hole shaped” entry holes. Overall height 13". Best for larger male rats, prairie dogs and hedgehogs. 
Colors Vary.