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Dragonfly Earrings by Wild BrydeDragonfly Earrings by Wild Bryde
Deer and Fawn Earrings by Wild BrydeDeer and Fawn Earrings by Wild Bryde
Squirrel Pendent NecklaceSquirrel Pendent Necklace
Squirrel with Dangle Tail EarringsSquirrel with Dangle Tail Earrings
Cheerful Squirrel EarringsCheerful Squirrel Earrings
Cheerful Squirrel NecklaceCheerful Squirrel Necklace
Wild Bryde Silver Squirrel EarringsWild Bryde Silver Squirrel Earrings
Wild Bryde White Squirrel EarringsWild Bryde White Squirrel Earrings
Black Squirrel Earrings by Wild BrydeBlack Squirrel Earrings by Wild Bryde
Wild Bryde Red Squirrel EarringsWild Bryde Red Squirrel Earrings
Festive Squirrel Wreath NecklaceFestive Squirrel Wreath Necklace
Squirrel Eating Nut Earrings 963Squirrel Eating Nut Earrings 963
Holiday Squirrel with Rhinestones EarringsHoliday Squirrel with Rhinestones Earrings
Heart Squirrel EarringsHeart Squirrel Earrings
Rhinestone Heart Squirrel NecklaceRhinestone Heart Squirrel Necklace
Paua Shell and Amber Squirrel EarringsPaua Shell and Amber Squirrel Earrings
Hoop Squirrel EarringsHoop Squirrel Earrings
Amber Bead Squirrel EarringsAmber Bead Squirrel Earrings
Amber Bead Squirrel NecklaceAmber Bead Squirrel Necklace
Oak and Squirrel EarringsOak and Squirrel Earrings
Oak and Squirrel NecklaceOak and Squirrel Necklace
Amethyst and Squirrel EarringsAmethyst and Squirrel Earrings
Amethyst and Squirrel NecklaceAmethyst and Squirrel Necklace
Acorn and Squirrel  EarringsAcorn and Squirrel Earrings
Curious Squirrel EarringsCurious Squirrel Earrings
Curious Squirrel Necklace 659Curious Squirrel Necklace 659
Red Squirrel EarringsRed Squirrel Earrings
Red Squirrel NecklaceRed Squirrel Necklace
Brown Bead Squirrel  EarringsBrown Bead Squirrel Earrings
Brown Bead Squirrel NecklaceBrown Bead Squirrel Necklace
Happy Squirrel EarringsHappy Squirrel Earrings
Round Squirrel Earrings 688Round Squirrel Earrings 688
Round Squirrel Necklace 688Round Squirrel Necklace 688
Spunky Squirrel Earrings 1023Spunky Squirrel Earrings 1023
Teardrop Squirrel EarringsTeardrop Squirrel Earrings
Acorn with Heart Bead Squirrel EarringsAcorn with Heart Bead Squirrel Earrings
Acorn with Heart Bead Squirrel NecklaceAcorn with Heart Bead Squirrel Necklace
Golden Mantled Squirrel EarringsGolden Mantled Squirrel Earrings
Squirrel on a Branch Earrings 2098Squirrel on a Branch Earrings 2098
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